Music in schools

One of Musikdrama’s main roles is to offer music workshops in nursery and primary schools. The aim is to give artistic opportunities and to promote music teaching. Early childhood is, in fact, the moment when languages, including the musical one, are absorbed in a spontaneous and significant way. Quality musical experiences at this time of life are fundamental in becoming familiar with music, with its variety, richness and beauty, and to absorb, through informal teaching, significant musical contents

Grandi musiche per piccole orecchie

Within the scheduling of the “Gioie Musicali” festival, a slot is always dedicated to families and to young children between the ages of 0 and 5. The programme is led by Cristina De Bortoli and it is a completely different way of experiencing a concert. There is no stage, no stalls area, just a shared space where children and adults can immerse themselves in an environment full of musical stimuli. Live musicians sing and play a diverse repertoire of jazz, ethnic and classical music for the children and adults.

Active music education

Musical activities are carried out by listening actively to pieces of different genres, listening to the teacher’s voice, singing, using simple percussion instruments, using the body as an instrument, teaching the importance of silence.

During the group activities in nursery and primary schools, the external music teacher brings his vast musical experience of many musical pieces to the children and the teachers involved. The music is listened to, performed and experimented upon. The teacher also shares his/her passion and interest in music by a correct and fun use of the voice, inviting the students to appreciate all its nuances and possibilities and by informed use of simple musical instruments