Who we are

Music beyond music

The Musikdrama Musical Association was founded in 1998. It produces and organises, on behalf of both private and public institutions, concerts, performances, learning spaces, and cultural events related to music.

Most of the Association’s work focuses on the training programme of the “La Réjouissance” Youth Symphony Orchestra”. The orchestra is a UNICEF Youth Advocate involved in a number of projects, including “Rockquiem by La Réjouissance”, the annual junior international festival “Gioie Musicali” which has been held every year in Asolo since 2005 and was awarded two silver medals by the Italian President of the Republic, the String Ensemble and the Music and Cinema programme. It manages active music education projects also in collaboration with nursery and primary schools.

Our Vision

The concept of the Association can be summed up with the motto “Music beyond music”, that is to say ensemble music from child to musician.
This is a project which allows young musicians to experience for themselves the benefits of educational and aggregative values: the joy of being together,
teamwork, talent made available to everyone, cooperation between younger and older members, proving the high educational capability of music.

We also believe that, thanks to the projects of the youth orchestra, music is perceived more easily and quickly by the families and the community and
that it brings together not only the youngsters, but also the adults who guide their growth. Therefore, it’s a structured education which supports an inner growth in a noble background where the founding values are:

Democracy, because the older members help the younger ones and everyone, doing the best that they can, contributes to the realisation of an extraordinary final result;

Discipline, because whoever plays a musical instrument knows the importance of small sacrifices and can quickly see the fruits of their commitment;

Tolerance, because no member of the group is a child prodigy, but normality produces prodigies in the composition of the various grades of talent and
mutual respect;

Hope, because, by embracing art as a conscience of life, younger generations grow strong;

Friendship, because learning and spending time together allows for discussion and dialogue among the young musicians.

Our Mission

The final scope of the association is musical education from nursery and primary schools up to orchestra level for musicians from the ages of 10 to
20 (extendable), including the production of special projects and the organisation of events. Furthermore, the organisation of exclusive international youth festivals such as “Gioie Musicali” expands and amplifies, through workshops and events, the concept of non-formal education. The festival also represents a prize for the young musicians who during the year show their commitment to the orchestral education project “Réjouissance”.

The association has a history of transgenerational cooperation between children and adults and of older members who pass the baton of their longtime participation in the group to the younger ones. The association is sustained by public funding, liberal donations, volunteers and the production of events which help finance its activities.

The Conductor

An established professional in the field of lyrical and symphonic music, she has conducted orchestras in several theatres in Italy and abroad and has been artistic director of “Teatri di Tradizione” and ICO in Italy. Maestro Elisabetta Maschio coordinates and conducts the “Réjouissance” orchestra.

She has been honoured with the regional “Leon d’oro” for cultural divulgation and with two silver medals by the President of the Republic for organising the international festival “Gioie Musicali”, which is held in Asolo every July and is intended for young musicians from all of the world.

To learn more about Elisabetta Maschio, go to www.elisabettamaschio.com.

Facts & Figures

Distance adoption

The La Réjouissance youth orchestra has supported Daniel Isingoma since 2010. Daniel was  born in 2003.

Daniel’s parents both died of AIDS. He is the youngest of seven brothers. After the death of their parents, the children were divided among their relatives and Daniel came to live with an uncle. As a child, he was grazing animals when he was bitten by a snake and since he wasn’t treated immediately he had a leg amputated..

In autumn 2019, with the help of the Association “Insieme si può”  (https://www.365giorni.org/), based in Belluno, he finally underwent an operation for the application of a prosthesis.

It wasn’t easy for him to get used to it but now he’s really happy.

Daniel lives in a village near Hoima in Uganda and thanks to our help he can fund his studies. Accompanying him with joy is a sign of our being in the world.