Forthcoming Events

Musikdrama Musical Association

We are a musical association made up of children, young people and adults, all music and culture lovers, who have been working since 1998 with private and public institutions. We produce and organise cultural events, mainly but not exclusively related to music. Most of the Association’s work focuses on the training programme of the La Réjouissance” Youth Symphony Orchestra consisting of young musicians aged 10 to 25 and a String Ensemble of more experienced musicans and soloists performing on special occasions. The orchestra is involved in a number of projects, including the annual Junior International Festival “Gioie Musicali”, which has been held every year in Asolo since 2005, Rockquiem by La Réjouissance, and the Music & Cinema concerts. Moreover, we manage active music education projects in collaboration with nursery and primary schools.


The Orchestra 

La Réjouissance Youth Symphony Orchestra comprises around 70 young musicians from ages 10 to 25, coming from different musical backgrounds. It holds an average of ten concerts per year. It has taken part in international festivals and recorded programmes for the Italian state television RAI. Since 2002, the orchestra has held concerts in prestigious theatres all over Italy, especially in the Veneto region, such as the “Comunale” in Treviso and Vicenza, the “Sociale” in Rovigo, the“Goldoni” in Venice and also the “Bibiena” in Mantua and “Teatro Verdi” and “Teatro della Pergola” in Florence.



Rockquiem was composed on a commission basis in 2002 by Stefan Wurz, a German composer, and is entirely based on Mozart’s Requiem K626 in D minor. A DVD was released to mark the 10th Anniversary of the project.


Gioie Musicali International Festival

“… to rise up to  the stars”, a quote from the last line of Dante’s  Purgatorio, the second part of the Divine Comedy, is the title of this year’s festival, organised by the Musikdrama APS Musical Association under the artistic direction of Elisabetta Maschio. The famous quote suggests the strength and effort of climbing up the steep path toward resuming normal activities, constantly looking up to the stars to guide us. But also engaging with our little and big stars: the young musicians and their teachers, with Dante taking us on a journey through the Divine Comedy and helping us rediscover the roots of music.


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