La Réjouissance Youth Orchestra

Founded in 1997, thanks to the initiative of some parents, it’s a symphonic orchestra today. It imparts the joy of making music together and by collaborating with teachers and professionals in the music sector. It comprises 70 young musicians from the ages of 10 to 20, coming from different musical backgrounds.

Since 2002, the orchestra has held concerts in prestigious theatres all over Italy, such as the “Comunale” in Treviso and Vicenza, the “Sociale” in Rovigo, the“Goldoni” in Venice and also the “Bibiena” in Mantua and “Teatro Verdi” and “Teatro della Pergola” in Florence.

It has worked with actors including Luigi Mardegan, Marta Dalla Via and Federica Rosellini (awarded the NUOVOIMAIE Talent Award at the Venice festival in 2017), with singers such as Francesca Patanè, Giovanna Nocetti, Benedetta Caretta and Nicole Zillio and conductors and composers Davide Maserati, Mike Applebaum and Pinuccio Pirazzoli, who have composed and arranged original pieces.
It normally holds 10 concerts per year. It has taken part in international festivals and recorded programmes for the Italian state television RAI.

It also comprises the groups “Réjouissance Ensemble” and the “String Ensemble”.
Since 2005, the orchestra has been a UNICEF Youth Advocate, a title given to those organisations who donate part of their time and involve their audience in important issues concerning children’s rights, by encouraging the mobilisation of resources and the creation of partnerships which benefit children in the whole world.
The orchestra has produced special projects which have been very successful in the region including “Rockquiem”, a new metal interpretation of Mozart’s masterpiece played by 150 young performers on stage.
The initiative is addressed at all children and teenagers who study music for a hobby or professionally, because it helps them meet in this specific age group (8-18 years old approx.) where they can share many interests and stimuli. At this age in life every encounter is possible, and all the talented musicians can work together thanks to the power of friendship and curiosity. The repertoire spans from 16th century music up to contemporary, with pieces from musicals and films.
The orchestra is coordinated and conducted by Maestro Elisabetta Maschio.