2021 Edition

FROM June 20 to August 8, 2021. All the events (pdf) download

“… to rise up to  the stars”, a quote from the last line of Dante’s  Purgatorio, the second part of the Divine Comedy, is the title of this year’s festival, organised by the Musikdrama APS* Musical Association under the artistic direction of Elisabetta Maschio. The famous quote suggests the strength and effort of climbing up the steep path toward resuming normal activities, constantly looking up to the stars to guide us. But also engaging with our little and big stars: the young musicians and their teachers, with Dante taking us on a journey through the Divine Comedy and helping us rediscover the roots of music.

This year Gioie Musicali will involve teenagers and young people with different skills and backgrounds, taking up some workshops and masterclasses which have traditionally featured in our programme.

The programme features a “circular music” workshop led by Stefano Baroni and joined by the LaRé orchestra and the audience of the World Music Day; Madeleine Carruzzo with her violin and chamber music masterclasses; Miriam Prandi and Alexey Zhilin holding a “double cello masterclass”; Francesco Socal with his brilliant musical creativity workshop, and Elisabetta Battaglia with her lyrical singing course.
Among the highlights of the programme this year, another prestigious winner of the second edition of the Gioie Musicali Award, which will go to Maestro Bruno Giuranna. Federica Rosellini will also be taking part with contents celebrating Eleonora Duse, co-produced by Centorizzonti and Gioie Musicali.

Riccardo Risaliti will be performing Beethoven’s IX symphony in piano duo with the young Giovanni Bertolazzi .  We will also welcome the winner of the Piove di Sacco national competition as well as the show co-hosted by Stefano Trevisi and Marina Grasso telling the story of Dante’s Divine Comedy and exploring early monodic and polyphonic music.
Even the landscape of the town of a hundred horizons, as Asolo is known, will be listened to with the help of Paola Favero in a show suitable for young children as well
On the opening day of the festival, Gioie musicali will pay tribute to health care workers with a special concert at the Montebelluna hospital, offering thought-provoking considerations on the role of music in everyday life.
Some musical events will be combined with tastings and will be held in close collaboration with the students of the ITS Tourism Foundation and the Italian Confederation of Craft Trades and Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (CNA).
The personalities of the teachers and young talents will be showcased at Casa Malipiero through interviews carried out by the cultural journalist Marina Grasso. By doing so, she will be linking the name of the great Venetian musician Gian Francesco Malipiero, who resided in Asolo, with their stories of experience and hope: as a matter of fact, this project is a continuation of the successful miniseries aired on the festival social media as part of Gioie Musicali 2020 and will be a showcase for new talent, featuring the stars of 2021.
An exhibition of Europe’s founding fathers and mothers will be held in Asolo as of 21 June, World Music Day, within the framework of the European Youth weeks in collaboration with Europe direct.

*APS stands for “Association for social development and support”.

All the events (pdf) download